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Umbra is a new multidisciplinary show format which, from dance, live music and multimedia interaction, create an unreal space where telling an everyday story, close to the public, who enjoys, suffers and catches the audience.

A tender and intense proposal, of beautiful aesthetics and careful staging; a visual poem created to, both for experts as for public not accustomed with the dance, can appreciate and enjoy the language of the movement.

We work with technology and multimedia interaction, generating graphs and modulating the sound from the movement of the dancer, always prioritizing the scene and movement, making invisible all the technology.

CLICK to watch UMBRA [Dance+Music+Multimedia] video


Umbra is a multidisciplinary interactive show where dance, music and multimedia interaction converge together in a visual, poetic and intense language.

The show speaks to confront our fears, to break routines, the social constraints, break the established rules and liberate our oppressed me.

Umbra A grain of sand to social transformation in a world in which we have forgotten to look, listen, touch, feel and breathe. A global world in which we lost the nuances to form part of a whole increasingly gray.

Umbra ​is a contemporary production, which takes advantage, without abusing, from the possibilities provided by the current software to grow beyond the stage and audiovisual projections, creating virtual scenographies in real time.


Idea & creation: Múcab Dans company
Coreography: Toni Mira i Irina Martínez
Scenic direction: Toni Mira
Musical composition: Marc Bahamonde
Dancer: Irina Martínez
Musician: Joan Laporta
Interactive programmers: Marta Verde, Jordi Salvadó and Joan Laporta
Lighting design: Bernat Jansà
Lighting technician: Bernat Llunell
Set design: Santi Cabús
Costumes: Elisa Echegaray
Video: Francesc Isern
Photography: Xavier Torres
with the collaboration of: L'Espai Maragall de Gavà i Fàbra i Coats. Fàbrica de Creació
with the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya